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Things needed to fix.
Here is a list of things needed to fix.

1. If u wear a cape , there's a hole in the back of the cape. (if u look from behind) [Not Fixed Yet]
[b][color=#32CD32]2. I cant trade players. ( and i cant stake at the duel arena ) [FIXED][/color][/b]
[color=#32CD32][b]3. Dragon Bones Experience , its only 13k ea bone. (-+ 1000 dbones needed for 99) [FIXED][/b][/color]
4. I cant see any FunPK portal at home. [Not Fixed Yet]
5. In the skill tab , there must be : Experience till next level. ( there isn't ) [Not Fixed Yet]
6. My suggestion is : bring The Mole back , Please [Not Fixed Yet]
7. There isn't Ruby Bolts (e) [Not Fixed Yet]
8. In the new skillcape shop , u can buy any cape u want , without needed the 99 skill itself. [Not Fixed Yet]
9. All the items in the slayer reward shop , are max slay points.. please fix it. [Not Fixed Yet]
10. Donor cape is an null. [Not Fixed Yet]
Greetings Jilles.
and add ruby bolts e Big Grin
ok ill look into this thanks jilles.
this is all fixed now enjoy jilles

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