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Update #1
[size=medium][color=#000000] Good Evening Guys,
Just to let you know we have done some Updates to the server.
this is the first of many updates but these are the things mostly requested at this moment in time ; [/color][/size]

[color=#FF0000][b]- Made Prayer Xp easier; [/b]
[u][b]Dragon Bones[/b][/u] 52,500 xp per bone, (using alter.)
[u][b]Big Bones[/b][/u] 8,700 xp per bone, (using alter. )[/color]

[color=#0000CD][b]- Made Runecrafting xp easier; [/b]
[u][b]Nature Runes[/b][/u] = 67,200 xp per inv
[u][b]Death Runes [/b][/u] = 87,000 xp per inv
[u][b]Blood Runes[/b][/u] = 92,3400 xp per inv[/color]

[color=#FF0000][b] - Now Shows your slayer task in RED INFO tab, + How many kills you have left [/b][/color]

[color=#800080][b]- Updated Website[/b] [size=medium]Title, Sliding Message, And now have acsess to a Status checker to see if we are online.[/size] [/color]
dont worry about this anymore.

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