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Request Updates
Couple of things in my eyes could be change in the server, this is all based on personal opinion as a player.

- [u][b]General store[/b][/u] ( Sell x Amount ) not just x10
- [u][b]New home location[/b][/u], ( Just outside the bank at current home )
- [u][b]teleporting alter for runecrafting Blood runes[/b] [/u]
- [u][b]trade[/b][/u] ( cannot remove items from trade once put in )
- [u][b]slayer assignment should be set to what slayer level you are[/b][/u]. ( i get dark beasts when i am only 60 slayer )
- [u][b]Slayer rewards are currently[/b][/u] ( 2143700000 points ) needs to be changed.
- [u][b]Show ammount of slayer kills you have left in[/b][/u] ( achievements tab )
- [u][b]Bosses nerfd[/b][/u] ( bandos,armadyl,etc... all bosses are harder then ever)
- [u][b]Client keeps freezing[/b][/u] ( don't know if its just me, but its a problem )
- [u][b]Herblore xp is like playing runescape.[/b][/u] (really low)
- [u][b]when dropping items[/b][/u] ( keeps coming up are you sure you want to drop ) remove. its annoying.
- [u][b]Add rocktail fishing for donors[/b][/u]
- [b]quick save in tab instead of typing :Confusedave [/b]

thanks all i can think of at the moment will try and think of a few more while im on the game ..

Kind Regards,

p.s. All the best edward $ beatz for trying to sort this stuff out Wink

Please update progression via updates on forums[/font] if you don't mind Wink
Thanks for posting this Big Grin
yes i will update what all i have done soon.
(05-17-201507:50 PM)Edward Wrote: yes i will update what all i have done soon.

You are a legend Wink lets keep the process speed up Smile
all fixed bro Tongue
Also I suggest them fixing the mining xp, it's also about the same xp rate as rs

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